How it works

American Capital Group is a fan of rewarding hard workers and reducing back-and-forth times. With the Back-to-Back System, getting your customers re-approved is simpler and faster than ever before. Because we’re a direct lender that specializes in equipment financing, we have more capital on hand to fund your customers. When we approve your A-credit customer for up to $75,000, you automatically have them approved for an additional $75,000 for a second transaction.


Don’t worry, this offer isn’t riddled with exceptions and other hidden rules, but it’s still important that you’re aware its (few) limitations. Customers, as mentioned, need to be A-Credit. The additional $75,000 does not apply to the initial approval request and may only be applied to additional equipment. And lastly, the supplemental equipment must be approved for in accordance with the terms and conditions of American Capital Group’s Broker Funding Program. That’s it? Yep, that it.


Our goal with the Back-to-Back Approval System is to give you the power to approve your customers on the spot and lessen the back and forth time between your customers and your funding source. Speed and efficiency is important to how we do businesses and we think it’s a value brokers share as well. If you’re looking to fund your customers with us, Request a Demo to get in contact with us, or simply call our main number at 1.888.545.1595.