Technology proves its worth

During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have turned to increasing the quantity and quality of digital communication. Though post-pandemic communication preferences aren’t clear yet, it still stands that emailing is a highly effective way to reach, communicate, and connect with customers. Now more than ever business professionals have had to learn how to connect with their customers in innovative ways in order to engage customers and boost sales.

So, what should you be emailing customers exactly? It can be tricky to make sure you‘re not bothering their inbox, so the key objective of any communication is to add value.

Adding Value

As a person who is aware of the common struggles of your customers, find ways to reduce these struggles when you send emails. You can do this a few different ways.

Update Customers with Industry News

How can your customers make informed decisions for their business if they aren’t aware of changes in the industry? This is an easy way to start conversations with your customers about their needs as their industry shifts. The best part about sharing industry news is that you don’t have to draft the content yourself. It’s easy, effective, and shows that you care for the well-being of your customers.

Tell Customers What You Are Doing to Help

During crisis, people remember who was there for them and forget those who weren’t. Even if your customers, the industry, or the world isn’t in a crisis, letting customers know that you are helping out in additional ways differentiates you from your competitors. Your customers will appreciate knowing that you are going the extra mile to help the community at large.

Inform them of your top recommendations

Don’t try to oversell a service, but give customers your genuine, top recommendations based on your expertise in your field. When giving your top recommendations, remember to explain why the recommendation matters, how it effects your customer, and the adverse effects of not considering the recommendation. Be light, not too pushy, and insightful. This helps the email flow naturally into an ask to reach out if they need assistance, and keeps the tone friendly.

Let customers know you have supporting lenders

American Capital Group is still lending and has the ability to qualify a broad range of credit types. Letting your customers know that it is still possible for them to get funded is good news and hope to your customers. As a trusted source that has continued to fund during the coronavirus crisis, your customers can rest assured that they can still help their businesses regardless of the economic climate.

There’s a lot more to email than meets the eye. Improving your emailing skills will help you better reach customers and keep them in active touch with you.

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